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I am a graduate of the TESOL certification program from United TESOL International  College of Teacher Training, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, including certification in English grammar and further specialization in Academic and Business English. I hold  Master’s and Honours Bachelor of Arts degrees in Anthropology from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.


Teaching and Tutoring Experience:

I am an enthusiastic and effective teacher with classroom teaching experience at the university level. As a graduate student at Carleton University, I served as a Teaching Assistant for Professor Brian Given for his “Introduction to Anthropology” class. This position required teaching, individual tutoring, and evaluating first year research papers. As Professor Given’s T.A., I also evaluated the fourth year Honours Research Papers. I have extensive experience in tutoring Carleton University students in history and anthropology, particularly in assisting students to improve their English skills and to develop essay writing skills at a university level. In addition, I have tutored students at Algonquin College, the major community college in Ottawa, in psychology, sociology and history. Many of the students whom I have assisted have become returning clients. Throughout my university career, I had many opportunities to develop effective teaching skills using PowerPoint and a wide variety of presentation methods to make presentations to classes. My related experience in technology, communications, and computers has aided me in gaining teaching experience in assisting local companies while teaching computer and internet development skills.  My earlier experience as a Swimming and Lifeguard Instructor allowed me to develop skills appropriate for younger students, using physical games and drills which I developed in order to create an effective learning environment with an emphasis on fun while children gained confidence and learned the safety skills that they needed. I taught lifesaving skills for the Red Cross and the Royal Canadian Lifesaving Society and for several private groups, interacting with children, teens, and their parents.

Research Experience:

I have extensive experience in both business and academic research. In my final year as a student at Colonel By Secondary School, I researched, wrote, and presented a major paper on the San people of the Kalahari that was received by the South African High Commission and included in their reference collection. In my first year at Carleton, I was invited to present a paper to the SUNY/Potsdam conference in New York City on the historical creation of visual imagery which reinforces stereotypical impressions of cultural “Otherness”, a project which heightened my appreciation of cultural diversity. In 2001 I served as President of the Ottawa-Carleton Anthropology Society, a position which I held for four years, and in 2002 I organized, hosted, and presented at the 8th Annual SUNY/Potsdam/Carleton International Anthropology Undergraduate Conference.  I have conducted guided research on a large number of projects, acquiring skills in both literary and “hands-on” research, research methodology and project design, research reporting, data presentation and statistical methodology. My experience in presentation at several major conferences has assisted me in developing skills in multi-media presentations and adaptation of project presentations to accommodate changes in availability of media resources.  I acted as a Research Assistant for Professor P. Thurtle, Professor B. Given (editing transcribed interviews of Tibetan descent Canadians), Professor J. Cove (statistical analysis of aboriginal inmates in New Zealand) and Professor D. Smith. Prof. Thurtle’s research project was left under my supervision, and was completed in 2010. My experience in part-time and summer employment as a tele-researcher for Ekos and as a sales/fundraising/public relations representative for Artsmarketing Services at the National Arts Centre and the National Gallery of Canada have developed my skills in promoting sales, providing customer assistance, handling complaints, and conducting interviews, as well as developing my personal initiative and ability to work as an effective team member. My Master’s project was a very lengthy and diverse research project including interviews and extensive analysis; it has been well received as an important and innovative contribution to Anthropology as it meets the challenges of developing Internet sub-cultures.

Business Management Experience:

I am currently working as the primary technical consultant, tech. support contractor and webmaster for the following companies: (a natural medicine company), Ignite Your Inner Goddess (a women’s interest and empowerment, article, and product review site), The Bunny Burrow (a Saugeen Coast cottage rental company), and George’s Construction and Roofing (an Ottawa repair, renovation, and construction company).  I am working as a product design and industrial processes and production researcher for Wicked Wanda’s (a couples store), and general business consultancy for Ottawa Gothic Designs (a fashion company). In addition, I have been the Safety, Security, and Gates crew leader (manager) for the Ottawa Folk Festival for six years, and I used to do technology support, data recovery, network management and system construction and set-up/configuration at the Ottawa Folk Fest office.  Several years ago, I was asked to serve as owner, producer, stage manager, choreographer, tech. support, costume manager, and general consultant for Shade Nyx Presents and Shade Nyx’s Theatre Macabre, an entertainment and arts company. I have successfully organized many profitable, complex, multi-troupe entertainment shows for Shade Nyx Presents and the Theatre Macabre. During this period, I learned a great deal about business management, which should be useful in teaching Business English, and I now understand the communication needs of the business community. I gained experience in corporate reconfiguration, registration with various levels of government, obtaining appropriate licensing, conforming with Canadian IP laws, registering copyrights and trademarks, negotiating settlements with Revenue Canada,  registering and licensing for international business and export,  presenting business plans, researching new markets, developing effective relations with local businesses, corporate bookkeeping, and production and export expansion, all skills which may help to select appropriate lesson material for the business world. I think that my experience in business management would be useful in presenting an effective and appropriate program in Business English.

Computer and Information Systems Experience:

I have a high level of expertise with computer operating systems and a personal interest in building, programming, and maintaining computer systems. From my university research, I am familiar with data entry systems, statistical research, reporting, presentation, and revision to comply with university requirements. I am familiar with Microsoft operating systems from the last two decades, Microsoft Office and its components (Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoDraw, etc.), most Web coding languages, a wide variety of cyber security, hygiene, and cleaning products, and many types of computer hardware.  In 2005-2006 I worked for Dell Computers in Kanata, Ontario, as a Hardware Warranty Support agent, a Computer Technology Solutions (CTS) agent, and a Hardware Specialist for the Inspiron line. I am experienced with the installation, configuring, and operation of a number of Internet/computer hygiene products and am experienced at virus and parasite removal and minor data recovery, as well as with proper computer cleaning and maintenance. In addition to my contracts as tech. support and website developer with:,, ABC Business Development, Studio Dee: Mobile Studio, Ignite Your Inner Goddess, The Bunny Burrow, and George’s Construction, I had a contract with Niki Theodorakis in Public Works Canada for virus and parasite removal, data recovery, network maintenance, and hardware repair and consultation. I have also remotely diagnosed and rebuilt a network for a doctor posted to the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines and have repaired and reprogrammed a number of computers for friends and family. My experience and knowledge of computers, web design and multi-media presentation techniques will permit me to use technology effectively in presenting lesson material to my students and in maintaining available equipment.

Other Related Experience:

Some of my summer work experiences have helped me to develop skills that will be useful as a teacher of English. I worked for several years in the English department bookroom at Cairine Wilson High School in Orleans, Ontario, taking inventory, repairing/ rebinding, shelving, sorting, filing, and assisting in preparing course material and teaching supplies for the upcoming academic year, a job which helped me to understand the need for careful preparation and resource management in teaching. As a Lifeguard, Swimming Instructor, and Acting Aquatic Co-Ordinator for Paramount Properties in Ottawa, Ontario, I gained qualifications such a Lifesaving I-III, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Aqualeader, Senior Resuscitation, National Lifeguarding Certificate, AEC/CPR, St. John’s Ambulance Junior and Emergency First Aid. As a summer maintenance worker at Carleton University, I was a member of a team responsible for grounds keeping, cleaning, and maintenance.


I believe that I can bring to this position an enthusiasm for teaching and learning about cultures outside Canada. My experience in Anthropology has made me appreciate the opportunity to interact with people from other countries. I have extensive experience in teaching, research, lesson preparation and presentation, classroom resource management, course material development. I am a fluent, native English speaker, and I am knowledgeable about language structure and grammar. My communication skills are well developed and I have a genuine passion for helping people to achieve their goals as effectively as possible. I can also offer some unique competencies such as my expertise with computer operating systems and web design. My experience in business management has given me a unique opportunity to understand the specific needs of the business world, and I also bring to this position an extensive knowledge of the academic community. I hope that you will find me a dedicated, knowledgeable, and versatile employee with a true enthusiasm for teaching and learning.


Available upon request.